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Pizza Bruno

Written By Scott Joseph On September 8, 2016

Pizza Bruno pie

Finally stopped by Pizza Bruno, a new ‘zeria in the Conway area on Curry Ford Road. Stopping by isn’t  easy to do since the restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, open only for dinner on weekdays and the small parking lot fills up quickly. Oh, and it doesn’t have a phone. Or website.

That hasn’t kept it from being crowded to overflowing, because advance word is that a good pie shop has finally moved into the area.

That’s true, though I’m sure it isn’t much comfort to the people who ran Soprano’s Ristorante-Pizza in the same spot before closing earlier this year.

Pizza bruno interior

The new owner is Bruno Zacchini III, who was previously at New Smyrna Beach’s Third Wave Cafe and Cask & Larder’s brewery. He has roughened the place up a bit. The tile floor has been scraped to concrete. A slapdashy bar with a handful of seats is now inside the front door.

The pizzas might be described as rustic, too, but in a good way. They are offered in red or white varieties, meaning with tomato sauce or without. There are some preordained pies in each category, but frankly none of them appealed to me.

So I went with the BYOP (build your own pizza) option, which allows you to choose toppings from three columns priced $1, $2 and $3. I chose the basic pepperoni ($2) and sausage ($3) which increased the cost of the pizza by 50 percent, a bit steep, I think, especially considering that these are not the biggest pies in town. (And, apparently, only one size is available.)

But I did like it, especially the bits of blackened crust that added an appealing charred taste. The crust was just a tad on the doughy side but not too chewy. Neither the red sauce nor the cheese was too heavy, and my extra toppings covered the surface nicely.

I would return for a repeat pie.

Pizza Bruno is at 3990 Curry Ford Road, Orlando. It is open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday and for lunch on Saturday and Sunday. No phone, no website. But you can find more information, including a menu, on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Pizza bruno oven

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