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Philadelphia Eagles Player LeSean McCoy Leaves Double-Dime Tip; Restaurant Owner Tries to Publically Shame Him

Written By Scott Joseph On September 10, 2014

PYT sipSo, what’s the deal with running backs? Not that cold cocking a woman in an elevator is on the same level as stiffing a server, but Phillie’s LeSean McCoy is currently in the spotlight of shame for leaving a 20-cent tip on a tab of $61.56. (Actually, the pretax amount, the amount on which one should calculate the gratuity, was an even $57. But still.)

McCoy and some friends were having a late lunch (they clocked out at 3:13 in the afternoon, according to the time stamp on the check) on Monday at PYT, which, by its own admission, serves “Americas [sic] Craaaziest Burgers!” They must be crazy — who would use so many a’s to spell that word?

McCoy paid for the bill with his Visa card, which undoubtedly has caused numerous hastily called meetings at American Express headquarters, and wrote $00.20 in the tip field. And just so there wasn’t any confusion, he brought the total down to $61.76. Yep, it was a 20-cent tip.

Why 20 cents? Why not four cents to bring the total to an even $62? Why not a penny? Why leave anything at all if you were so unhappy with the service? And why not say something to the manager or owner?

Well, the owner is having his say. Although he does not give his name (we know the server’s name is Rob — how ya doin’, Rob? Hang in there.), someone who identified himself (we’re assuming it’s a man) posted a photo of the charge slip on PYT’s Facebook page, which we assume is Americas Craaaziest Status Update. The owner also gave his (possibly her) account of the incident. The intention, apparently, was to shame McCoy publicly and to assert that a) there wasn’t anything wrong with the service McCoy and his guests received, and b) if there were issues with the service, McCoy should have contacted a manager instead of leaving an insulting tip.

Most of the comments seem to be leaning anti PYT. One can only guess what will happen if a video of the actual stiffing comes out later.

What do you think? Did the restaurant owner do the right thing by posting the charge slip? Leave your comment below.

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