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Paddy Murphy’s

Written By Administrator On October 20, 2008

Paddy Murphy’s in Baldwin Park

Boy, have my ears been ringing. And it’s not because people have been talking about me. It’s because I ate at Paddy Murphy’s, a newish Irish pub in Baldwin Park, and they had a band that was so loud I couldn’t hear myself chew.Paddy Murphy's
The hostess couldn’t hear me ask for a table, either, so I motioned beyond the indoor seating toward the outside patio. Using sign language, my guest and I were able to communicate to her that we preferred a table as far away from the band as possible without having to pay an extra charge for delivery of the food.

Even outside the sound resonated, and was even worse whenever someone opened the door to the pub, which was often.

A pleasant young man greeted us and then brought us the wrong beers. Turns out the door had opened just as we placed our orders and the waiter didn’t hear us correctly.

But from that point on everything mostly went fine.
I started out with a cup of the potato & leek soup ($2.50), which startled my by its thickness: I was able to stand a spoon up in it. The taste was OK, but I think all the cornstarch or whatever thickener was used started to blossom in my stomach as I sipped my pint of Guinness.

My friend had the Irish stew ($8.99), a big serving of beef with carrots, onions and potatoes in a nice gravylike broth tinged with Irish whiskey.
I had the shepherd’s pie ($8.99), which was mostly mashed potatoes (but real mashed potatoes) piped over a brown gravy with ground beef and vegetables. On another visit I had the corned beef with colcannon. The corned beef was sufficiently chewy, as most corned beef is destined to be, but the flavor was good. So, too, the colcannon, a traditional dish of mashed potatoes blended with cabbage.

Paddy Murphy’s is in a newly constructed building overlooking the lake. It’s been designed to look like a tradtional Irish pub, but only as far as the walls. The high ceilings have the exposed ducts and beams of the structure, with some Tiffanylike chandeliers hanging down. So the effect is like being on a movie set for a film about an Irish pub.

I might watch the movie again, but I am definitely not buying the soundtrack.

Paddy Murphy’s is at 4982 New Broad St. in Orlando’s Baldwin Park. The phone number is 407-622-4700. For other information, visit the Web site.

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