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P&D Soulfood Kitchen

Written By Scott Joseph On November 10, 2022

PDsoul ext

I would have been upset that I got practically nothing of what I ordered from P&D Soulfood Kitchen if what I ended up with hadn’t been so darn good.

P&D is mainly a takeout restaurant in the Village Square complex on Goldwyn Avenue in Orlando. The building doesn’t look like it would be home to a restaurant – it’s more office-like – and P&D occupies a small space inside a door accessed down a hallway on the first level. Finding it was considerably easier than finding a website and way to order online.

In fact, it doesn’t seem that P&D has a website, and an order portal could only be accessed via a Google search. There you can find a menu and place an order for delivery or pickup through a third-party. (Even if you plan to pick up your order, as I did, you have to go through DoorDash, UberEats or one of the others.)

But I found my way to the online form, made my selections, including side dishes, and clicked the button to complete the order. About two minutes later I received a call from the restaurant telling me nearly everything I had ordered – including the side dishes – was not available. That sort of thing happens when dining at a restaurant, too, but it’s easier to open up the menu again and choose something else. Not so easy when you’ve already shut your computer down.

Southeast LG 2 24

I tried to order some other things I remembered from the menu, but those, too, were not available. So the woman who called me finally suggested she just let me know what she had. That made perfect sense. So I chose then hopped in my car to go pick it up.

PDsoul meatloaf

Meatloaf, the only item from my original order, was one of the highlights. The loaf was dense and had more meat than loaf in it, if you know what I mean. It was covered with a thick gravy and sat atop a scoop of bread dressing. It was accompanied not by the collards I had first ordered – we’ll save the discussion of a soul food restaurant not having collards for another time – but rather by boiled cabbage and green beans, plus a corn muffin. It was all delicious and a generous portion, which is a good place to mention the price: $12.95. An incredible bargain.

PDsoul pork

The fried pork chop dinner featured two good-sized bone-in chops, lightly breaded and fried. The meat was as tender as a pork chop gets, which is to say it still had a bit of a chew, but was so well seasoned and tasty that I ended up just picking the chop up to nibble off every bit of meat. This was paired with black-eyed peas (yummy) and squash (bland).

PDsoul pigs feet

I also got a side order of pig’s feet because how often do you see pig’s feet offered as a side order? Like most trotters, these were more gelatinous than meat yielding, but undoubtedly a treat for those who have acquired this particular taste.

The people at P&D were all super nice and welcoming. AS I said, it’s mostly a takeout place, though I did see one table in the hallway that one might be able to use to dine at. Most of the space is occupied by a steam-table buffet display with most of the available items on it ready to be dished out.

So I suggest you forego the online order form and just stop by the restaurant, look at what’s available and make your decision right there. Whatever you choose – and whatever they have – is bound to be wonderful.

P&D Soulfood Kitchen is at 927 S. Goldwyn Ave., Orlando (map). It is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday. The phone number is 407-730-3486.

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