Orlando Pub Goes Roque; Cheaper Than Going to Court

Written By Scott Joseph On October 3, 2017

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You’ve heard of a Q and A; this is a story of a Q and G.

Sometime, a little over a month ago, Rogue Pub on Curry Ford Road in Orlando quietly became Roque Pub, a tiny change that saved a whole lot of trouble.

It seems that a Jacksonville business known as Rogue Bar took umbrage with another drinking establishment in the state using a similar name. That’s when the owners of the Orlando Rogue received one of those jolly “cease and desist” letters from the lawyers of the Jacksonville Rogue.

Southeast 9 23 Bosch

“We could have fought it out in court,” said manager Tracy Cehovin. “When we applied for the name five years ago it wasn’t a problem.”

But, she said, it was ultimately easier — and less expensive — to simply change the g to a q. The pronunciation is basically the same but technically rōk instead of rōg. And roque is an actual word for a type of croquet game. But don’t look for Roque Pub to start hosting lawn games anytime soon. That just wouldn’t go well in the heavily trafficked Winn-Dixie parking lot. Though it certainly would be a good way of going rogue!

In fact Cehovin said that regulars won’t notice any other changes at all. “We tried to make it as seamless as possible.”

That goes to the bar’s online presence as well. Do a search for Rogue Pub on Facebook or Google and you’ll get Roque Pub as an option in your search results.

“Google is pretty smart,” said Cehovin.

Roque Pub is at 3076 Curry Ford Road, Orlando. If you want to know where Rogue Bar is, Google it.


Above, before the change.

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