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Orlando Man Wins Franchising Rights to Sweeto Burrito

Written By Scott Joseph On July 22, 2013

Orlando resident Cory T. Jones has won the franchise rights to bring Sweeto Burrito to the state of Florida and plans to open the first one in Kissimmee in October. He hopes to have a location closer to downtown Orlando open by the first of the year. The Kissimmee restaurant is on U.S. Highway 192 near State Road 535.

Sweeto Burrito is a fast-casual concept out of Idaho Falls. Jones, 37, a former commercial banker, was working in the oil industry when he came across the burrito eatery in Idaho. He got to know the people involved in Sweeto and when they began to talk about franchising the operation, Jones said he told them, “I’ll take the state of Florida.” He hopes to open 80 in the next 10 years. He and a partner also obtained the rights to open Sweeto Burrito in Texas, where they plan 120 locations.

We’ve got burrito specialty restaurants all over the place, but Jones says that a Sweeto Burrito “is like nothing you’ve ever had.

“We’ve done everything differently.” He says the developers of the concept told him, “Once you realize that a burrito is just a wrapper, you can put anything in it.”

The signature burrito has shredded pork with lime rice, black beans and pepper jack cheese, all fairly conventional. But others on the menu include a cheeseburger burrito, a Thai version with peanut curry sauce, and a Buffalo chicken with cheddar cheese and a type of tater tots. You can see the Sweeto Burrito menu here.

The Sweeto Burrito experience will differ from, say, Chipotle in that it will not be an assemblage concept where guests move down a cafeteria line dictating the ingredients. Diners will order a burrito at a counter, grab a drink at the soda fountain, then take a seat in the dining area for a staff member to serve the food. 

The first Florida SB will have 130 seats and employ 20 to thirty people. The average Sweeto Burrito will seat 65 to 70 guests.

Jones says, “Kissimmee wasn’t initially on my radar” for the first location, but he says he is finding it difficult to find the ideal locations away from the tourist sector. He says the ideal location would be in a densely populated neighborhood with good traffic and lots of families. But the real estate market is getting tighter, he finds.

“You can’t just go out and snap up a good spot anymore.”

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