OLV is Closed

Written By Scott Joseph On October 9, 2014

olv logoOLV, the oddly named restaurant in the Sodo center (AKA the complex anchored by Super Target at Orange Avenue and Grant Street, is “closed until further notice.” At least that’s the notice that has been posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page. But assistant manager Cheryl Hardaway says the status is most likely indefinitely. “We have issues,” she said. The investment group that owns the restaurant, most of them in South Florida, are looking for a new owner and investor. One of the initial owners, Umberto Perez, left the company earlier this year, according to Hardaway. It was Perez who came up with the name, which is not an acronym for anything. Perez told me when the restaurant was in development, back in 2009, that it didn’t mean anything. 

OLV opened in August of 2009. I must admit it lasted longer than I thought it would. And it may go on. Hardaway said that she and the other 20 or so employees are holding out hope that it will reopen. “But it will probably be under a different name,” she said.

Good move.

H/T Greg Cason

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