Newsy Nuggets: The “I need a beer” edition

Written By Scott Joseph On August 6, 2021

beer in amsterdam

It’s International Beer Day, so if you like to celebrate such things, have a beer. Otherwise, it’s Friday, have a beer anyway.

If you can wait a week for that beer – and if you’ve had a day like mine, you can’t – SeaWorld’s Craft Beer Festival returns beginning Friday, Aug. 13, and, according to a press release, runs through Sept. 12. Also in the same press release, mention of festival participants for the weekend of Sept. 17. So, yeah, I’ll take that beer now. The Craft Beer Festival is a Friday to Sunday thing with each weekend featuring different brewers, including locals Crooked Can, Ivanhoe Park and Big Storm Brewing, among others.

Moving from a water-based animal park to a drier one, the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford has updated the menu for its onsite restaurant, which has been renamed Graze. Also in breaking news: the Central Florida Zoo has a restaurant. The announcement for new menu items was not accompanied with any news about a reduction in animal exhibits, so we’ll call that a win. The zoo’s press release noted, “parents can get excited for the option to order on their phones.” Dear parents, if that excites you, you’ll be positively giddy to know that you can access the menu through a QR code.

I got another press release for a dining event called Flame, which I thought at first had something to do with the announcement that the Parliament House was reopening in downtown Orlando. But no, this is apparently a popup dining experience wherein the food is cooked with flame throwers and blowtorches by what are being described as pyro-chefs. The cost is $85 for “a crazy 2-course adventure.” Eighty-five bucks for two courses. Yeah, I’d say that’s crazy. It’s Nov. 4 “for a limited time” in a secret location. Just follow the sounds of the fire truck sirens.

Don’t forget to place your vote for the 2021 Best Burger Foodster Award for Independent Restaurants. You can find the list of finalists and mark your ballot here.

Know what goes great with a burger? Beer.

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