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Newsy Nuggets: Second tenant for First Watch building, RusTeak downtown, plus Palestine, Jerusalem, Germany, Greece, UAE and Mexico

Written By Scott Joseph On February 22, 2021

FW maitland

Word comes that the building that until Sunday held the Maitland First Watch will be taken over by Peach Valley Cafe, another breakfast-and-luncher. PVC was first developed by Ormond Beach-based Stonewood Restaurant Group but was sold to Winter Parker restaurateurs Eric and Diane Holm in 2019. First Watch moved out in advance of the opening of its new flagship and prototype restaurant opening March 1 in Winter Park. Peach Valley Cafe currently has a half dozen restaurants.

  • There may be a change at the Menagerie Eatery & Bar, the eatery and bar in Thornton Park. The owners are considering converting it to their RusTeak brand. Sounds like a good idea to me.

  • Slider supplier White Castle, which is building its largest location in the Village at O-Town West, will operate out of the Dollins Food Hall’s ghost kitchen beginning Tuesday, Feb. 23. Pickup and delivery only. You’ll probably be able to order through Uber Eats (15 mile radius) or through the White Castle website, though on Monday it had no information about the project.
  • Döner & Gyros, a Dubai-based kebaber, has opened a location near UCF. It specializes in a German style doner, made with shredded meat and served taco-like, and traditional Greek gyros (gyroses?). Turks introduced the doner to Germany, which added the umlaut over the o. So, we’ve got a United Arab Emirates company selling Germanic Turkish kebabs and Mediterranean gyros (gyri?) in Florida.
  • Seems like a good place to mention that Heart of Jerusalem Cafe has also opened a Central Florida location, in Winter Springs. It’s Palestinian by way of Colorado. Red Bug Lake Road.
  • Slidders Pizza, not to be confused with Sliders, will open a location in Maitland at 400 North, an apartment complex that Maitlanders are referring to as downtown, apparently with a straight face. Slidders is out of Winter Garden, the charming community that is pretty much all downtown.
  • Ryan Manning, owner of MX Taco, is launching MX Street Food, a kitchen-in-a-trailer operation that will park outside Dancer’s Royale Orlando. Yes, outside.
  • And a restaurant in Spring Hill, Fla., got national attention when it posted a sign in its window declaring “Face diapers not required!” That, of course, is its way of saying that you don’t have to wear a mask. As usual when I hear of something like this I immediately have to wonder what the restaurant’s policy is on hand washing. Is that optional for employees after they use the bathroom? Because science has determined that washing hands after using the toilet can decrease the chance of transferring fecal matter and bacteria via food. It’s pretty much mandatory in restaurants. But somehow wearing a mask to reduce the transmission of a deadly virus is a bad thing.

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