Newsy Nuggets: Portillo’s to the people and other stuff

Written By Scott Joseph On January 25, 2021

Portillo bus

  • Portillo’s to the People: Portillo’s, the Chicago based beeffeeder, is parking its beef bus at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando through Jan. 30. Known for its beef sandwiches and hot dogs, Portillo’s plans to open its first Central Florida restaurant on March on Palm Parkway.
  • Shake Shack, the New York burgery, plans to open its first drive-through facility. Or drive-thru, as shorthand would have it. Artist renditions show three lanes, two for people who want to just drive up and order and one for people who preordered using an app. Considering Shake Shack’s history of long lines, you’d think maybe they’d have a nonglobal-warming lane just for electric vehicles. Later this year, at Vineland Pointe.
  • Bread & Co., the Asian artisan bakery, is back operating out of its facility on Fairbanks Avenue near Orlando Avenue in Winter Park.

Southeast 9 23 Bosch
  • Belgian chocolatier Godiva plans to close or sell all of its North American retails shops. The pandemic slowed down traffic for in-person chocolate buying, and sales picked up online and in grocery stores and retail shops, so the company will focus on those. Most retail shops will probably remain open through Valentine’s Day, because the company isn’t stupid.
  • Got an email that wanted me to know that a product called a biodigester is shortlisted for a Global Innovation Award. First of all, I didn’t know there was a long list for the Global Innovation Award and in fact I didn’t know there was a Global Innovation Award. And I certainly didn’t know there was a product called a biodigester. Apparently, it takes solid food waste and turns it into liquid that can go down a drain rather than sending it to a landfill, according to Power Knot, which sells the LCF biodigester to hotels and other industrial kitchens. A hotel using the machine can reduce its carbon footprint the equivalent of driving a car 1.8 million miles a year. I wonder if Global Innovation has an award for a car that can drive 1.8 million miles a year. I asked the president of Power Knot if any Central Florida hotels were biodigesting its food and he said he thought so but wouldn’t offer any names.
  • I could have used a biodigester with a cabbage roll I had a while back.

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