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Newsy Nuggets: Bison, lobster, noodles, beer, lamp shades

Written By Scott Joseph On February 7, 2023

HangryWG ext

The Hangry Bison, the popular gourmet bison burger and bourbon restaurant from Joe Liguori, is looking to move beyond its two locations, in Winter Park and Winter Garden. Liguori is even willing to consider places without Winter in the name.

Perhaps realizing he has a winning concept, Liguori is working with Flavia Kanyago of Crossmarc Services to find suitable spaces to expand the brand. Currently, Central Florida is the focus. But one could easily see Bisons Hangry once again roaming the national range.

I mean, if Mason’s Lobster Rolls can do it why not Hangry Bison? Mason’s is a franchise out of Annapolis, Maryland, with about 15 or so locations throughout the country, though most are on the east coast. Interesting, however, that even though the front page of the restaurant’s website states “Mason’s Means Maine,” none of the locations are in that state.

South Steel SJO March AD copy

But one is destined for downtown Orlando soon, moving into a space formerly held by a Jimmy John’s. No word on when the fast-casual quick-server will open.

Also coming: Kung Fu Kitchen, which has better bona fides than its name would suggest. It’s a three-location New York restaurant (Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown East and Long Island) from chef Peter Song specializing in steamed buns and hand-pulled noodles.

Crooked Can, the anchor brewery in Winter Garden’s Plant Street Market, is looking to expand, too. It’s planning another brewery, tap room, food hall and event space in Minneola.

For who knows how long a store called Lamp & Shade Fair occupied a freestanding building in Mills 50. It sold lamps and shades; the fair part I can’t attest to. It’s now to become Lamp & Shade Craft Kitchen. Way to save on signage! With new owners taking over the rundown St. Matthew’s Tavern close by, this stretch of Mills Avenue may be in for a renaissance.

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