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Newsy Nuggets: Hollerbach’s Joint, Buster’s Bistro, Windermere Wine Dine, new Baldwin Park restaurant and taking licks in Tokyo

Written By Scott Joseph On February 3, 2023

Thejoint logo

What are they smoking in Sanford?

The people behind popular German restaurant Hollerbach’s (that would be the Hollerbachs) plan to open a marijuana-themed restaurant called The Joint at West End, as in the West End Trading Co., a concert venue in downtown Sanford. According to Hollerbach’s Facebook page, you can expect such things as Blazed Wings, Premo-Nuggs, Dope Sliders, and QP Dogs. All of it, presumably, THC free. But then with the current push to make recreational marijuana legal in Florida you never know. No opening date has been announced yet, so just chill.

Also, when did Hollerbach’s drop Willow Tree Cafe from its name? And why didn’t they name the new place Hollerbach’s Mellow Tree Cafe?

Elsewhere in Sanford, Buster’s Bistro, the Belgian bar and restaurant, has changed hands. The new owner is Robbie Kennerney, who also owns Sanfords Throwbacks bar as well as Bar 43 in Queens and the well-known McHale’s in midtown Manhattan. Kennerney, who is originally from Dublin, told me that he’s “not looking to do anything too dramatic” with the place and that he wants to be reverential and keep everything that was popular. Although he said he’ll likely move away from the Belgian theme and pare down the list of Belgian beers, which he said made the bar “an intimidating place to walk in to.” He said he’ll introduce a broader range of beers and craft cocktails.

Beginning in March, Buster’s Bistro will start serving lunch then have a full dinner menu but stop service at 9 p.m., then offer a limited late night menu. He’ll keep the name too, for now, but don’t be surprised if you see a change later on.

The former owners of Buster’s Bistro (that would be the Busters) are growing hemp in New Smyrna Beach and have opened a business called Turf Origins. And yes, they have edibles.

South Steel SJO March AD copy

Speaking of edibles, the Windermere Wine & Dine is Saturday, Feb. 4, from 6 to 9 p.m. in and around Windermere Town Hall.

Next up for the troubled restaurant space in Baldwin Park that most recently was occupied by Galeria will be Sorekara, a Japanese restaurant from William Shen, formerly of Ato in New York. Galeria closed in 2021. Prior to its tenancy, 4979 New Broad Street was home to Manny’s Original Chop House (2018-2019) and and Italian restaurant called Lago (2009-2012).

Sushigami conveyor

Speaking of Japanese restaurants, the Washington Post reports about a viral online trend involving sushi restaurants with conveyor belt “food trains.” These are places where diners sit at a bar or booths next to a conveyor belt that continuously passes by holding sushi, sashimi and other bites placed there by the chefs at an open kitchen. Diners simply grab whatever looks good as it goes by and are charged at the end of the meal by how many empty plates they have. There are one or two such restaurants in Central Florida. (Above is a photo of one that used to be at Florida Mall.)

But in Tokyo, according to the Post, young scalawags have been recording videos of themselves licking and otherwise soiling items as they go by and putting them back on the conveyor belt. They’ve coined a new term: sushi terrorism, or sushi tero.

Disgusting works, too.

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