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News of City Fire, Urban Flats, Pine Twenty 2 and others

Written By Scott Joseph On December 21, 2010

The Sand Lake Road/Dellagio Urban Flats will close after service Wednesday and, if all goes according to plan, will reopen on January 17 as City Fire. See below for artist renderings of what the place will look like.

As I reported earlier, this is a Manny Garcia project, and he has reassembled several of the original Pebbles restaurant gang, including executive chef Tony Pace, who Garcia managed to lure out of semi retirement. Another chef, Todd Baggett, who cooked at Garcia’s former upscale restaurant, Manuel’s on the 28th, has also come on board.

I got a peek at the proposed menu for City Fire, and Pebbles fans will not be disappointed: I spotted both the Nutty Cheesy salad (actually identified as Pebbles’ on the menu) and the chicken Vesuvio. There is still a debate as to whether the former restaurant’s steak Thumbits (or Thumbitz) will make the final cut. The issue isn’t popularity but rather limitations. The only oven in the restaurant is a special brick oven installed by Urban Flats for its flatbreads. Pace says he also will be making use of the sous vide process, which allows for foods to be cooked in special vacuum bags.

Pine Twenty 2. I also got a hold of the working menu for Pine Twenty 2, the restaurant I told you about a couple of weeks ago that will open in the former Black Olive space in downtown Orlando. Black Olive, you may or may not recall, tried to rebrand the restaurant as Blue Smoke Burger Bar. If you don’t remember that, you shouldn’t feel bad: it lasted only a few weeks.

Well, it looks like Pine Twenty 2 (the address of the restaurant is 22 E. Pine St.) will be a burger concept as well. But, man, what a confusing menu. There are about seven steps to ordering your burger. First you have to decide on the meat, and then select the size of the patty. Then you select a cheese from among the 10 listed. Then you choose up to four toppings — or choose a premium topping for a buck more each. Then a sauce, and then the type of bun you prefer. I’m exhausted and I haven’t even ordered anything. I look for the chef to put together the proper combinations of flavors and spices. Especially when the chef is as talented as Kathleen Blake, who is attached to the project. A burger bar seems a waste of her considerable skill.

Just to tie this in with the previous item, the owner of Pine Twenty 2 is also the founder of the Urban Flats restaurants. Do you want to take a look at the menu for yourself? Click here to download it . (I feel like Julian Assange.)

Rothmann’s. Rothmann’s, the New York steakhouse that is scheduled to open on International Drive next year will not open as soon as it had hoped. I’m told there are more issues with the building than the new owners had expected. This was the site of Salt Island seafood restaurant until it closed suddenly earlier this year. Rothmann’s will be owned by the same people who recently opened Matteo’s restaurant, which I reviewed earlier.

Here are the renderings for the new City Fire restaurant in the Dellagio center on Sand Lake Road’s Restaurant Row.





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