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New York Diner

Written By Scott Joseph On December 26, 2012

NY diner muralI’m headed to the airport and on to New York for a few days, so I thought this would be a good time to tell you about New York Diner. It’s not in New York, though I’m pretty sure there are some diners there, but it is next to Orlando International Airport.

In fact, I combined a visit to NYD with a trip to the airport to pick up a friend who was flying in one evening. (Joseph’s Airport Shuttle Service — inquire about our rates, and don’t tell anyone at Mears Transportation!) Just as I pulled in to the parking lot of the diner, which was newly constructed this year, I got a message that my friend’s plane had just landed. With no time for a leisurely meal, I popped in and ordered some food to go.

While I waited, I looked around the place. It’s a fairly sizable space, cleaved in two. There are separate dining rooms, and, on one side next to a display counter, a food bar for those who prefer not to sit in the comfy looking booths. There are the requisite murals that depict the famous skyline and the Statue of Liberty, of course. 

NY diner tankThere is also a large aquarium with an unfortunate depiction of said Statue and apartment buildings submerged. One must assume this underwaterscape was conceived before Hurricane Sandy made it ironic.

The decor also includes a nifty feature, or at least it’ll be nifty if it starts working properly. There is a display board that shows departure and arrival times for airlines at MCO. What a great idea, I thought. People can stop in here for a bite to eat and keep track of when they need to pay out and get to their gate. I looked at the board to see if it showed my friend’s flight had just arrived. But it wasn’t there. And then I noticed that all the listings were a couple of hours old. That’s not very helpful.NY diner flightsA great idea to have a flight board inside the restaurant, however, the flight info is about two hours old. Might as well order dessert!

As for the food, the menu features many of the items you’d expect to find on a New York deli or diner board, plus a few that you wouldn’t (NYC isn’t really known for its Cuban sandwich or cheese quesadilla). I ordered the pastrami on rye, which, the menu said, features house-made pastrami that is sliced to order. I also got a bacon cheeseburger, ordered medium-rare. Both came with fries.

I’m glad I tasted some of the fries before the takeout box was closed because I might have blamed condensation for ruining them. However, they started out slightly soggy, and the flavor wasn’t very appealing.

The pastrami was delicious and sufficiently piled on. It was perfect with a slather of mustard. The burger was pretty good, too. It was close to the requested temperature, and it probably did cook a bit more in the travel home. But overall it was enjoyable.

I had also ordered a cup of chicken soup, but, alas, it did not make it. The container it was served in was not sealed tightly, and when my friend’s bags were tossed into the car, the soup seeped out and was lost. Sure smelled good, though.

I hope to go back to try the breakfast items. The menu  claims that the diner’s bagels are flown in daily from the Bronx.

New York Diner is so convenient to the airport that I would recommend it as a place to stop for a preflight nosh. Or, better yet, order some food to take with you for a better inflight meal. Don’t bother with the soup — it wouldn’t make it through security even if it didn’t spill out before you got there.

New York Diner is at 5463 Gateway Village Circle, Orlando. (It faces Semoran Boulevard and is in a small group of businesses just north of the Beachline.) It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner dailly, though it doesn’t open until 10 a.m. Monday through Thursday. Here is a link to ny-diner.com where you can see the menu. The phone number is 407-856-6600.

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