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New restaurants opening – Big Fin, Mucho and WP Fish Co.

Written By Scott Joseph On December 2, 2009

How’s this for a change? Instead of an item telling you about more restaurants closing I have one about some openings — two that have begun serving in the last couple of days and one that expects to fling open its doors next week.

Perhaps the most anticipated is Big Fin Seafood Kitchen, which officially opened Tuesday. This is the concept from Bobby Moore, whose Beluga restaurant in Winter Park Village closed abruptly earlier this year. In fact, Big Fin was initially planned as a second outpost of Beluga.

Also now open, as of today, is Mucho, which also had a different name in its planning stage. This is the first of the eateries to open at 101 S. Eola Drive in the condominium complex of the same name, directly across the street from the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is where Graze, Sanctuary Diner and the Beacon used to be — all three closed earlier this year within a short period.

But this article is about positive things and openings, not closings. (By the way, iMansion has begun operating in the old Beacon spot — had lunch there recently and they really weren’t ready for customers quite yet.)

Mucho is Mexican themed and will feature tequilas, 101 of them to be exact. I’m assuming that number comes from the address, so it’s a good thing they didn’t open at 10400 E. Colonial Drive.

It’s also a good thing they didn’t go with the original name, which was the Worm, an homage to the oft-found worm in some tequila bottles, if it’s possible to pay homage to something like a worm.

Anyway, Mucho is, well, mucho better. Mucho is featuring a soft opening with a limited menu — tacos only for the first few days.

And next week — Tuesday if all goes well — the Winter Park Fish Company will set sail with veteran chef George Vogelbacher at the helm, or at least at the stove in the small kitchen. I’ll have a definite update for you when they officially open.

As for the others, I happened by Big Fin yesterday without knowing it was the first night. I stayed for dinner anyway, and I’ll have some notes for you shortly. There were several things I liked, but there are other issues that need to be addressed, and these have nothing to do with its newness. In the meantime, stop by and check the place out.

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