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New Restaurant Coming from The Table; Update on Rocco’s Tacos; Casa Maya Flouts Fate

Written By Scott Joseph On June 28, 2012

I’m hearing some buzz that the owners of The Table Orlando, the weekend restaurant that has only one table, albeit a really big one that seats 22, are planning a new restaurant, one with more seating.

The owners, Tyler Brassil, Loren Falsone and Dominick Tardugno, are looking to open sometime this fall. The name and location haven’t been revealed, but my sources say they are taking over a space next door to The Table’s Dellagio space on Restaurant Row. That space is currently unoccupied (and has been since the plaza opened, I believe). I’ve also been told that the restaurant will have a casual, speakeasy feel, and it will feature reasonably priced food with a focus on local and sustainable products.

The farm-to-table thinking will also spill over to the bar, which will feature full liquor. There will be an emphasis on hand-crafted cocktails made with all-natural house-made seltzers, tonics and sodas, plus fresh herbs, fruit and produce. No word on the name yet, but my money is on The Chairs. More as I find out.

Down the road (the road being Sand Lake), Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila Bar is looking to an August opening. That’s later than I figured it would open when I first announced, in November, that the South Florida mini chain would take over the former Samba Room. Later than Rocco’s figured, too — they told me at the time they would start pouring tequila down the throats of patrons by Spring.

And Sandra Pedicini announced in the Sentinel that Casa Maya has opened on Park Avenue. (It took over the space where Trattoria Toscano was.) Hearing that it was a Mayan restaurant, one waggish flogger wondered if the restaurant would still be open after 12-12-2012. And another to surmise, “Maybe the owner figured it’s now or never.”


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