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Nagoya Sushi

Written By Scott Joseph On December 27, 2011


Nagoya_sushiWhen we think about restaurants that are hidden gems we don’t usually mean it literally.  Neither invisible nor bejeweled. Nagoya Sushi, however, very nearly is out of sight. It’s located in a high profile center, the Marketplace at Dr. Phillips, where you’ll easily find Morton’s, Toojay’s, Anatolia and others. But to get to Nagoya, you have to go to the back of the center, through a small passageway from the front (or, for closer parking, from the back). It’s a charming little gem worth looking for.


I met a friend for lunch recently and we had a sampling of rolls prepared expertly by the sushi chef. We ordered lunch specials, which included a choice of soup or salad. Miso soup is the standard at Japanese restaurants, and it’s available here, too. But there was also an onion soup, which is what I chose. It had crunchy little bits of onion crumbles in a hearty broth. It was delicious. Frankly, I’ve never cared for miso soup, so I was glad to have this tasty option.


The lunch special included a choice of two rolls. I chose the spicy tuna and the dynamite roll. You’d think the dynamite roll would be the one more explosively hot, but the tuna was much spicier. Still, I enjoyed both.


Our server was welcoming and helpful. The restaurant is quite small, but the booths are private and allow for quiet conversation. All in all a very pleasant place that you should definitely have in your sights.


Nagoya Sushi is at 7600 Dr. Phillips Blvd., Orlando. It is open for lunch Monday through Saturday and for dinner daily. This link will take you to the website. The phone number is 407-248-8558. There is another location at 5661 Red Bug Lake Road, Winter Springs. The phone number there is 407-478-3388.



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