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Marketplace at Avalon Park

Written By Scott Joseph On September 23, 2021

Marketplace exterior

The Marketplace at Avalon Park had its much anticipated grand opening last weekend, officially debuting to the public with 11 food vendors.

It’s a big, urban warehousey kind of space in the center of the downtown area. Marquis-style lightbulbs spell out Marketplace over the awning that covers the many outdoor tables.

Inside is a big open space with tables and chairs in the center and the vendors lining the perimeter.

Southeast LG 2 24

Marketplace room2

I’ve told you about some of the food and beverage participants in the past few weeks, including Brazas, NOLA, Cheese to Share, Pico de Gallo and Rosso Specialty Coffee. Joining them are Bowigens Beer Company; BBQ50 with conventional ‘cue; KBBQ, from the originators of the Korean BBQ Taco Box, one of Orlando’s original food trucks; Sip ’N Roll ice cream; and Lemon Shark Poke. There’s also a cute gift shop and wine shop called Avalon General where you can get a glass of wine to enjoy with your food.

Of course, the neat thing about a food hall like this is that you’re not limited to getting food from just one restaurant. You can maybe get a little cheese appetizer from Cheese to Share, or maybe chips and salsa from Pico de Gallo, the get an array of entrees like Peruvian style rotisserie chicken from Brazas, brisket from BBQ50, or gumbo from NOLA. Grab a beer from Bowigens or a glass of wine from AvGen. Then finish with a strong brew from Rosso and some ice cream from Sip ’N Roll.

Marketplace room

The Marketplace also has an attractive private room with an incubation kitchen and seating for up to 38 people. It can be used for private dinners, parties, cooking demonstrations or maybe a popup locale for an aspiring chef.

The Marketplace is going to be very popular with Avalon Parkers, but I think it’s a worthy destination for others just for its array of quality, independent vendors.

The Marketplace at Avalon Park is at 3801 Avalon Park East Blvd., Orlando. It is open for lunch and dinner daily. The phone number is 407-730-3515.

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