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Magical Dining Recommendations: Rocco’s Italian Grille & Bar

Written By Scott Joseph On August 26, 2021

Roccos Italian Grille 2021 Magical Dining Revised copy

Visit Orlando’s Magical Dining begins Friday and I’ll be bringing you some of my recommendations over the next few days.

Next up: Rocco’s Italian Grille & Bar

Chef and owner Rocco Potami is prepared to wow Magical Diners with his three-course menu. Considered one of the best Italian restaurants in the area, Rocco’s is the epitome of fine dining: gracious host, expert service, upscale surroundings and excellent food.

And just take a look at the image at top to see what an incredible deal Rocco’s is offering for Visit Orlando’s Magical Dining.

South Steel SJO March AD copy

Rocco headshotUsually you have to choose an appetizer and an entree to start to see an advantage with the $37 prix fixe menu. At Rocco’s you can come out ahead with just an entree – Both the beef tenderloin and the grilled lamb chops are regularly priced at $39.50. Add in the Caprese and any of the desserts and the bill if ordered a la carte would be $66.50.

(My recommendation: got with Filetto al Gorgonzola for your entree and the Arancini for a starter. Cannoli is my default Italian dessert.)

But if the meal weren’t already a great bargain, Potami is sweetening it by offering wine pairings at $10 per glass. Potami told me that he sees Magical Dining as a way to introduce his restaurant to new customers, so he wants to make it attractive. He’s certainly done that.

One note about the pricing. Even though the Magical Dining menu is set at $37, it’s customary to tip on the undiscounted total (minus taxes).

Visit Orlando’s Magical Dining runs from Aug. 27 through Oct. 3. One dollar from each dinner sold goes to support this year’s charities, Pathlight HOME and iDignity.

Rocco’s Italian Grille & Bar is at 400 Orlando Ave., Winter Park. It is open for dinner Monday through Saturday. The phone number is 407-644-7770.

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