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Magical Dining Month — Chatham’s Place

Written By Scott Joseph On September 2, 2009

All during Orlando Magical Dining Month, which runs through September, we’ll be taking a look at some of the participating restaurants. Today we look at Chatham’s Place.

Chatham’s Place has been a longtime favorite of mine. Even after the Chatham family sold the operation, it continued to be one of the area’s quiet jewels. Now clumped in with myriad others on Orlando’s Restaurant Row, Chatham’s was one of the earlier residents of the area surrounding Sand Lake Road and Dr. Phillips Boulevard, taking over a rather odd space in an office building.chathams place

That was almost exactly 20 years ago. My first review of Chatham’s Place ran in October of 1989.

CP is rather small and intimate, and it’s one of the few places in town that is quiet; perfect for a romantic dinner.

The Orlando Magical Dining Month menu at Chatham’s offers a three-course meal for $30 with a choice from among three appetizers, four entrees and three desserts. None of the selections on the menu, which can be seen here, is on the regular menu printed at the Chatham’s Place Web site, so it’s difficult to do a comparison. But seeing as how the least expensive entree on the regular menu, besides the vegetable plate, is $28, I think you could easily say three courses for 30 bucks is going to be a good buy.

Updated: And get this for savings: You can bring your own bottle of wine and the restaurant will not charge a corkage fee.

And according to a note on Chatham’s Facebook page today, the chef treated everyone who requested the MagDngMo menu last night, the first night of the special menu, with a little something extra. Can’t promise that will happen every night, but wouldn’t it be nice?

Remember to request the Magical Dining Month menu when you are seated. Some restaurants don’t offer it unless asked for. And the prix fixe does not include tax and gratuity, and beverages, of course.

If you go to Chatham’s, be sure to come back and leave a rating and review at the restaurant’s listing.

Chatham’s Place is at 7575 Dr. Phillips Blvd., Orlando. The phone number is 407-345-2992.

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