La Fiesta Mexican Grill

Written By Scott Joseph On November 8, 2016

Lafiesta sign

For those who said they’d never cross the street to eat at La Fiesta Grill, there’s news: it has crossed the street so you don’t have to.

It took a little over a year for the move to occur, but the Mexican restaurant has finally taken over the space that previously was Southern Moon (Holy Smoke barbecue before that and an Eckerd Drug Store in the beginning). The announcement was first made when Ocean Sun Brewing announced it would begin making beer in an adjoining space. Ocean Sun opened in March.

Lafiesta dining room

Lafiesta bar

This is a much better space for La Fiesta. And I don’t think it has looked any nicer under any of the previous tenants. It has maintained its southwestern aura and has made it a little more souther with Mexican artwork. The basic design of the space, with large spacious booths, some in alcoves, providing most of the seating. Even better, there’s the separate bar where La Fiesta can offer full liquor. A patio out front shows potential but right now looks as dreary as the rest of the Winn-Dixie-anchored strip.

I don’t know if the bar will have any of Ocean Sun’s beers, but the original plans called for there to be a partnership that would at least allow OS patrons to order food from La Fiesta.

I just wish the food was more vibrant. La Fiesta certainly has its fans who have kept it in business in its isolated space across Curry Ford Road in a small office building. And I would not deign to tell people who likes something that they’re wrong. We all have different tastes.

Lafiesta huevos

My taste prefers something livelier than the Huevos Rancheros I had on a lunchtime visit. The eggs were served “over hard,” as the menu promised they’d be. Instead of being served atop a corn tortilla, warm tortillas wrapped in foil to keep them warm were served on the side. And they were flour tortillas. The rancheros sauce was mild. Neither the refried beans nor the Mexican rice thrilled, though I must say that as far as most Central Florida versions of Mexican rice go, this one was better than most.

Lafiesta chips

The complimentary salsa was good; it deserved better chips.

My server was delightful and friendly, which was a welcome departure from what I experienced in the other location.

It’s a beautiful space for the restaurant, and I hope the partnership with Ocean Sun works out. Because a lot of people will be crossing the street to give it a try.

La Fiesta Mexican Grill is at 3000 Curry Ford Road, Orlando. It is open for lunch and dinner. The phone number is 407-985-4340.

Lafiesta patio

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