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Krazy Greek Kitchen

Written By Scott Joseph On January 11, 2022

Krazy Greek ext

I’m not at all sure what makes Krazy Greek Kitchen krazy. It all seemed rather normal to me. Or maybe spelling it with a K is similar to calling the sushi ingredent surimi krab. Maybe it’s just a imitation crazy.

Whatever. Krazy Greek Kitchen sits across from Central Park in what is the de facto downtown Lake Mary. It has a wraparound terrace for outdoor dining and on the night I visited there was live music in the park, which itself was still aglow with colorful holiday lights.

The menu features most of your classic Greek dishes, or maybe that should be klassic.

Southeast Black November

Krazy Greek moussaka

My dining companion chose moussaka, a large brick of potatoes, eggplant, ground beef and béchamel. Moussaka can feature eggplant or potato and here they definitely go heavier on the potatoes, with both sliced and whipped. The eggplant that was there was very thinly sliced, just enough to add a bit of its distinct flavor and texture. Still, there was more eggplant than ground beef. The large serving sat in a puddle of marinara sauce. The dish was accompanied by a bit of rice and a side of seasoned green beans.

Krazy Greek gyro

I got the green beans with my gyro dinner, which also had strips of “gyro meat,” presumably from the mythical gyro beast (Gyrosaurus Rotisserus). The meat was well seasoned and given further flavor from the tzatziki sauce. There were pita wedges to fashion a sandwich, a generous portion of roasted potato wedges, and a mound of lettuce that I would refer to as greens if they hadn’t been so brown. (Seriously, not sure how anyone could let lettuce like that leave the kitchen other than by the back door.)

Krazy Greek soup

I was able to add a cup of avgolemeno soup with my entree for an additional $3.50 instead of the a la carte price of $4 (the savings are krazy!). It was a good soup, lemony and ricey and further thickened with egg.

Krazy Greek squid

My guest and I also shared an appetizer of calamari, an unremarkable collection of breaded ringlets, served with a marinara dipping sauce and accompanied by a very nice slaw.

Besides the outside terrace, which also has heat lamps at the ready, there is a food counter inside and a small side dining room.

Krazy Greek counter

Krazy Greek int

Our server worked diligently and in fact could have used some cross-service assistance from some of the other staff who weren’t as busy. Call me krazy but I think servers should help each other out.

Krazy Greek Kitchen is at 142 W. Lakeview Ave., Lake Mary (map). It is open for lunch and dinner daily. The phone number is 407-330-7482.

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