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Korean BBQ Taco Box

Written By Scott Joseph On March 25, 2011

Korean_BBQ_Taco_BoxAs we gear up to Tuesday’s The Daily City Food Truck Bazaar (gear up; get it?), I thought I would do a preview of one of the bazaar’s participants, Korean BBQ Taco Box.

Recently, I told you about Big Wheel Provision’s shiny new truck that is essentially a professional kitchen on wheels. But if Big Wheel’s rig is the Rolls Royce of food trucks, Korean BBQ Taco Box’s is, well, the Dodge. A Dodge Sportsman, to be exact, one of a certain age. Its yellow paint job does not appear to have been professionally applied, and you don’t have to get too close to spot the places where it has been puttied and patched.

And from what I could see when I peeked through the open screen door of what is essentially a repurposed camper, it is not outfitted with commercial grade cooking equipment.

But the food, though perhaps as quirky as the vehicle, is good. At least the spicy pork taco box I sampled was. Actually, on the menu, it says spicy pork tacos, however there was only one. But a big one. The chunks of fried pork had been marinated in a deliciously spicy sauce and folded with lettuce inside a large flour tortilla. I was hoping it might have some shredded kimchi to further the fusion Spicy_Pork_Taco_Boxtheme, but alas no.

There were some other goodies included in the box, however. There were a couple of small rice balls and two little pieces of an egg roll. One compartment held some lettuce with ginger dressing, and there were a couple of pieces of fried tofu and a fried chicken wing. It was plenty to eat for $5.99.

KBBQTB has only one table with two plastic chairs for people who choose to eat their lunches onsite. It’s really more of a take-away sort of truck.

I had only one major complaint, and that was the length of time it took from the time I ordered my food to the point where it was passed through the window, which was more than 20 minutes. That’s a long time to stand around in the hot sun. But when I saw that one of the people who had placed an order before I arrived was handed three bags of about seven boxes, I figured that was the holdup. And when my order was finally ready, the young man who gave it to me apologized for the long wait, so I’m guessing it was an anomaly.

During the day — everyday — Korean BBQ Taco Box is parked at the Citgo gas station on the northwest corner of Colonial Drive and Primrose Avenue, next door to a McDonald’s. The actual address is 2705 E. Colonial Drive, Orlando. In the evenings, it can be found at a Shell gas station in Oviedo, at 4300 Alafaya Trail and the corner of McCulloch Road. Click this link to go to the Korean BBQ Taco Box website, but you can call orders ahead to 407-844-3990.

And don’t forget to come out Tuesday to The Daily City.com’s Food Truck Bazaar. Click that link for details.

This review has been updated to add link to website.


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