Kitchensurfing Brings Chefs and Diners Together Without the Need for a Restaurant

Written By Scott Joseph On September 15, 2014

You’re a chef, you love to cook for people. But you don’t want the hassles of owning your own restaurant, and you’re a lousy driver, so a food truck is out. Maybe Kitchensurfing is for you.

Kitchensurfing is a new concept currently available only in the New York City area that allows people to hire a professional chef to come to their home to cook a meal, whether for a dinner party or just because you’re hungry and don’t feel like going out.

This article from Mashable explains it all.

What do you think. If you’re a chef, would you sign up to cook like this? And diners, would you hire someone to come into your home and cook? Leave a comment below.


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