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K Restaurant Presents Friday Night Flights Party

Written By Scott Joseph On February 23, 2011

K restaurant is having a wine tasting on the porch this Friday, Feb. 25, from 6-8 p.m., focusing on blended wines, which, I’ll admit, are my favorites. And a bargain, too: six wines — three whites and three reds — for $15. Plus “lite bites.” I have no idea what the lite bites might be, but if they’re coming out of Kevin Fonzo’s kitchen they have to be good. (And probably worth the $15 all by their own selves.)

This sounds like a good event, in fact, it’s so good I’ve already reserved my space on the porch. Hope to see you there. Click below to see more details.


K Presents
“Friday Night Flights Party on the Porch”
“Winter Series”

Please join us Friday, February 25th 2011
6 — 8pm
“Let’s blend it up”
6 blends 3 white 3 red!
Enjoy six wines and lite bites
09′ chenin blanc/viognier, Pine Ridge, Napa Valley, Ca
09′ sb/chard/marsanne, CMS, Columbia Valley, Wa
06′ gren blc/bourboulenc/Ugni blanc/rousanne, La Vieille Ferme Cote Luberon, Rhone, France
08′ syrah/zin/merlot, Winemakers Blend, Apothic, Ca
02′ cab/merlot/cab franc, Château Fonfroide, Bordeaux, France
NV’ mer/syr/cab/c f/mal/p v, Bookwalter, Subplot, Columbia Valley,Wa

(dress casual – Bundle Up?)

Join us at the “Kopper Lounge” or for dinner after the tasting

($15 inclusive of tax)

Please call for details and or reservations 407-872-2332. K restaurant is at 1710 Edgewater Drive (College Park), Orlando.


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