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Italian Pie House

Written By Scott Joseph On August 20, 2010

italianhouserestaurantThe search continues for the number one, hands down, no arguments best pizza in Central Florida. I have a horrible feeling it may be an elusive grail. But it’s fun looking, and every now and then you come across a pizza that gives you hope.

I found one recently, and I wish I could tell you the name of the restaurant. Oh, I know where it is, and I’ll give you the address and phone number so you can check it out. I’m just not sure of its name.

When I first reviewed it, in 2004, it was called the Italian Pie & Pasta House. It had recently moved into a former Pizza Hut hut in my old neighborhood, although it had not been a Pizza Hut for a long time (otherwise I never would have bought a house nearby). When I Googled for the restaurant’s Web site, however, I was directed to the page for a place called simply Italian House. Wonder why they changed? Do you suppose they were tired of getting calls from people asking if they had Italian apple pie?

Whatever. I decided to give the pizza another try. Six years ago I called it an acceptable pie. The crust was not as thin as it could be, but it also was not overly doughy. That’s still my description, but it seems as though it’s gotten a bit better overall. The sauce was more vibrant and had just the ever-so-slightest sweet tinge. The cheese was prominent but not to the point of being gloppy. I thought there could have been a bit more sausage, but I wouldn’t describe it as skimpy, either. Pretty good pie.

And it turns out the name is neither Italian House nor Italian Pie & Pasta House — it’s Italian Pie House. (No, they don’t have an apple pizza; stop it.)

Italian Pie House is at 1400 S. Crystal Lake Drive, Orlando. It’s open for lunch and dinner daily. The phone number is 407-895-0505. And here’s a link to the Web site (or at least Italian House’s site).

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