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Is the Empress Room Sailing Back to Downtown Disney?

Written By Scott Joseph On June 21, 2010

Is the Empress Room coming back?

Many folks will remember when the well-grounded paddlewheeler now known as Fulton’s Crab House was called the Empress Lilly, named for Walt Disney’s wife, Lillian. It held within its decks one of the few fine-dining options available in Central Florida at the time: the Empress Room. I think the fultonsDisney culinears decided the resort needed only one fine dining restaurant, and Victoria & Albert’s was it. Fulton’s, which is operated by Levy Restaurants out of Chicago, debuted around 1996.

Now comes word that the Empress Room might reappear — at least for one evening. Fulton’s executive chef Ron Cope and crew are planning a signature dinner during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival that some are saying will evoke the bygone days of the Empress Room. No one is saying officially that the dinner will be touted that way, but it seems to me they’d be missing out on a terrific marketing scheme.

No other details right now, other than it will be an exclusive dinner for about 50 guests on November 11th.

There’s also no official word on when tickets for the Epcot F & W events will go on sale, but if I were you I’d keep Tuesday, July 20, open if being first in line to buy is important to you.

Also, the events being billed as 3D — Disney Dessert Discovery — will take place on Friday evenings during the fest, except one week when it will be held on Thursday, Oct. 21. That’s because another event is planned for the World Showplace for Friday the 22nd. Someone else booked the hall?

3D, which will be an all-sweets version of Party for the Senses, I hear, does not yet have a ticket price, but planners are trying to keep it under 50 bucks a head. That plus admission to the park, of course.

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