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Written By Scott Joseph On May 13, 2011

HeidelbergAs NASA prepares the penultimate launch of a space shuttle, many Space Coast businesses are concerned about what will happen when the launches go away, along with the tourists and, not incidentally, a good number of workers. I’m worried, too. It’s all but inevitable that some businesses will close, but others will survive, I’m sure. Those who make it will be the ones that pay attention to good quality. I think Heidelberg will make it.

Heidelberg has been serving good German and Austrian food on the corner of Minuteman Causeway and Highway A1A in Cocoa Beach since 1986. And far from cowering in fear about what’s to come, owner Heidi has just opened a new patio for an optional al fresco — or whatever the German equivalent would be — dining experience.

It was still under construction when I visited a couple of weeks ago. But I found the dining room, which itself has been remodeled since the first time I visited so many years ago, to be quite pleasant. The main room wraps around the corner with lots of windows covered with blinds and ringed with draperies. A large fish tank serves as a room divider. There is a floral-pattern rug, and real cut flowers on the tables, which are covered with crisp white cloths.

Heidelberg_Wiener_schnitzelThe menu has all the items you would expect from an authentic German menu. There’s sauerbraten, jaegerbraten, gulasch and such. But I knew what I wanted without looking — Wiener schnitzel.

I wasn’t disappointed, either. The tenderly pounded escalope was coated in a delicate breading and sauteed to a gorgeous golden. The seasoning were even and the taste was exquisite. It was served with roasted potatoes, green beans and carrots. The entree had followed a lovely salad assortment, typical in Germany and Austria, with dressed greens, potato salad and carrot salad. And with the basket of German breads with sweet cream butter, I was happy.

Service was efficient and accommodating. I heartily recommend a trip to Heidelberg. And be sure toHeidelberg_salad visit Heidi’s Jazz Lounge afterwards. I’m always impressed with the quality of entertainment each time I go there.

Heidelberg is at 7 N. Orlando Ave., Cocoa Beach. It is open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch and Tuesday through Sunday for dinner. Here’s a link to the Heidelberg website. The phone number is 321-783-4559.


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