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Grocery Los Hermanos

Written By Scott Joseph On March 29, 2012

Los HermanosI’m really enjoying finding the little taquerias and Mexican cafes that occupy a corner spot in the occasional Latino grocery store. I told you about La Hacienda Meat Market on Aloma Avenue in Winter Park a few months ago.This time it’s Grocery Los Hermanos.

Los Hermanos, which means the brothers, is (are?) on Curry Ford Road near Conway Road. I had noticed another Latin grocery store in this same space a couple of years ago and made a note to stop and give it a try sometime. But by the time I got around to it, that market, whatever it was called, was gone.

Like other market/cafes of this type, Los Hermanos offers a variety of foods as lunch specials, each visible for your inspection through the condensation on windows of the steam table. The young woman behind the counter lifted the lids of each pan so that I could see what was underneath. It all looked good, but when she lifted the cover from the chilaquiles, my mind was made up — that’s what I’m having, I told her.

Chilaquiles are essentially strips of tortiallas that are fried and mixed with salsa and cheese. It’s a sort of Mexican comfort food. (It’s comfort food for at least one gringo, too.) Los Hermanos’ chilaquiles were served with two fried eggs on top. And because it was part of the lunch special, it also came with a load of refried beans and yellow rice. As I carried the container to the grocery checkout counter to pay for it, I was struck by how heavy it was. That was a lot of food for $6.39!

And a lot of good food, too. The chilaquiles had just the right amount of peppery heat, not to much that it burned but enough that you knew it was there. My only disappointment was that the fried eggs had cooked while sitting atop the chilaquiles in the covered pan, so the yolks had hardened a bit. I would have preferred freshly cooked eggs so that the yolk could have blended with the tortilla strips.

Speaking of fresh, I could see some of the workers in the kitchen cleaning and cutting fresh vegetables. Always nice to see that. And by the way, although I got my order to go, there are a few tables and chairs in the front of the market for those who would like to eat there.

Grocery Los Hermanos is at 4130 Curry Ford Road, Orlando. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. There is no website. The phone number is 407-895-5451.


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