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Grilled Cheezus

Written By Scott Joseph On October 27, 2022

Cheezus ext

When a restaurant has a name like Grilled Cheezus you can expect some creativity in menu names as well.

Grilled Cheezus, of course, is a grilled cheese sandwich specialty restaurant with two locations, one at the downtown UCF campus and another on Mills Avenue in the former Funky Monkey/Bites & Bubbles space, which is the one I visited. The Mills 50 location was also home, for a brief time, to Restaurant Ash, which also specialized in sandwiches. I think it’s fair to say that if it had served sandwiches the caliber of the ones at Grilled Cheezus, Restaurant Ash would still be there.

But let’s get back to the menu.

South Steel SJO March AD copy

Some entries’ ingredients can be deduced, such as Mac & Cheezus, which is macaroni and cheese on bread, for those feeling carbohydrate deficient, and you could guess that Mother Clucker features chicken.

But what are we to expect from a sandwich called the Tom Cruise – that it’s smaller than you expect it to be? Or the Chuck Norris – that it’s, um, cheesier? I think the one called The Pope, with provolone, mozzarella, salami, capicola and sweet peppers, was meant to be a grilled cheese version of an Italian sandwich, never mind that the current pope is Argentine.

Cheezus ham

I chose the one named after the joint, the Grilled Cheezus, which had sharp yellow cheddar, mozzarella and white American (there’s a joke there somewhere) on brioche. I opted to include ham, which added $2.50 to the $9 base charge. The ham was a little lunchmeaty but the sandwich had lots of cheesy goo between the waffle-pressed bread.

Cheezus Adrian

So, too, the curiously named Yo Adrian (Philly, maybe?), which featured provolone and white American cheeses plus ribeye, caramelized onions and sweet peppers, this one on ciabatta. I liked both sandwiches and found little distinction between the brioche and ciabatta, so don’t let that be the determining factor in your selection.

All sandwiches come with a small bowl of basily tomato bisque that is meant more for dunking than spooning, which is a nice nostalgic touch that harkens back to childhood soup-and-sandwich lunches.

Cheezus counter

The Mills 50 space has been reconstructed so that there is a fast-food type counter and kitchen where once there was a dining room and bar. (Another business, Phat Ash Bakes, a cookietisserie, operates out of the original kitchen at the rear of the building.) A lone woman was taking the orders and assembling the sandwiches the evening I stopped in. And though I was the only in-house customer, it took a while for my order to be ready. After 20 minutes I was thinking, cheezus crispy, that’s a long time to wait for grilled cheese sandwiches. But sandwiches this good are worth the extra minutes.

Grilled Cheezus is at 912 N. Mills Ave., Orlando (map) and 400 Pittman St., Orlando (map). They are open for lunch and dinner daily. The Mills 50 phone number is 407-412-5006 and the downtown phone is 407-420-7973.

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