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FoodCalc launches online nutritional information for restaurants

Written By Scott Joseph On August 15, 2009

Earlier in the week we had a discussion about the need for restaurants to provide more nutritional information so guests can make more informed choices when dining out. Here’s a press release for a new service that can help restaurants do just that:

 San Francisco, Calif. (PRWEB) July 22, 2009 — Web-based nutrition analysis solutions pioneer FoodCalc® announces the release of Meal-Builder, a unique new solution that allows restaurant operators to provide their diners with online nutritional information and meal modeling. Meal-Builder is an interactive tool that integrates with a restaurant’s website and empowers diners to make informed selections.

Restaurant operators offering Meal-Builder can now give diners the ability to calculate nutritional information based on their individual dining preferences. Diners at restaurants with “create-your-own” menu items such as pizzas, pastas, salads and sandwiches, can model their own unique combinations. Diners at restaurants with fixed menu items can “build-a meal” or combine appetizers, entrees and desserts to determine the exact number of calories consumed. They can also customize selections to suit their dietary needs and taste preferences. With the power of knowledge, diners can be confident that their menu selections will stay within their daily diet plan.

Meal-Builder is a stand-alone product under FoodCalc’s MenuCalc® offering. MenuCalc® provides nutrition analysis services for restaurant operators and culinary professionals. Restaurants already using MenuCalc’s web-based nutrition analysis solution have the luxury of utilizing FoodCalc staff to instantly import nutrition results from their MenuCalc accounts into their Meal-Builders. Other restaurant operators can send in nutritional data from other sources to be incorporated into Meal-Builder. Meal-Builder operates with unlimited ingredients and displays up to 15 nutrient values including calories, fat, sodium, fiber, carbohydrates, sugars, etc.

“Meal-Builder is a unique and innovative nutrition information tool that helps restaurants to clearly distinguish themselves from their competition while also increasing customer loyalty in a challenging economy,” said FoodCalc president and CEO Lucy Needham. “There are no hassles with complicated software, network or R&D issues, and since we host each restaurant’s individual Meal-Builder on our server, we are able to manage all technical and administrative issues in-house.”

One satisfied Meal-Builder user is Mixt Greens, a San Francisco-based Eco-Gourmet® restaurant that serves environmentally responsible fine food. The restaurant’s offerings consist of organic salads and sandwiches made from fresh, high quality, and locally sourced ingredients.

“Our customers have been requesting a tool like Meal-Builder for years and FoodCalc has provided the perfect solution,” said Leslie Swallow, co-founder of Mixt Greens. “We’ve seen an increase in website traffic due to Meal-Builder, and our customers are very excited that nutritional information is available and that they can customize the data according to what they are eating. This will definitely contribute to long-term customer loyalty and happiness.”

Meal-Builder has generated rave reviews from Mixt Greens customers, who appreciate its flexibility and ease-of-use. It is accessible on the restaurant’s website.

“Mixt Greens’ Meal-Builder is really helpful for anyone counting calories, weight watchers points or just trying to be aware of what they put in their mouth. I track everything and it’s no longer a shot in the dark!” said Lauren Shane.

“I like how Meal-Builder is flexible and can compute nutrition facts for all the salad variables,” said Peter Su. “I try to monitor my daily food intake, so being able to know exactly what is going into my body at a place that I like to eat at a lot is really helpful for me.”

We hope you find our reviews and news articles useful and entertaining. It has always been our goal to assist you in making informed decisions when spending your dining dollars. If we’ve helped you in any way, please consider making a contribution to help us continue our journalism. Thank you.

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