Food outlets now can be masters of their domain

Written By Scott Joseph On June 23, 2009

For businesses, having an intuitive domain name is very important. If the name of your restaurant is Wolfgang Puck, just for example, then ideally your domain name would be wolfgangpuck. And even better it would have the extension <dot>com, because nobody wants to be a <dot>net or <dot>org or <dot> something else. Dot coms are the dominant domain.

But it seems that one restaurateur, whose name happens to be Wolfgang Puck, is happy to choose a different dot. Puck announced this week the creation of a new top-level domain designed for restaurants with a <dot>food extension. Puck made the announcment in Sydney, Australia, this week at a conference for ICANN — the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which is a real organization and not something from the old Monty Python program.

According to a press release, “Website names and email addresses ending in .FOOD — such as,, and millions more — will provide restaurants, food retailers, caterers, food-lovers and chefs worldwide a unique opportunity to own meaningful new web addresses.

“‘This is a great way for the finest food enterprises to stand out from the crowd on the Internet,’ said Puck, who owns more than 100 fine dining and casual restaurants in the United States as well as a national catering company and several consumer product lines. ‘Owning a .FOOD address is like opening a business on the best street in any city in the world.'”

The dot food extension is not yet available. That explains why for more information, the press release is directing people to

And, by the way, clicking on that link will take you nowhere. But you can still find information about Puck’s restaurants at Smart businessman.


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