Food critics attack restaurant

Written By Administrator On March 24, 2009

A Baltimore-area restaurant was vandalized Monday, its windows broken and paint sprayed on the sidewalk in front spelling out “Get rid of the foie gras.” This is a radical form of restaurant criticism. I often thought of using a knife to scrawl “stop putting so much salt on the steaks” in the booth cushions, or smearing curdled hollandaise on an eatery’s carpet to make a point about the asparagus.

Actually, according to an article at, the Bridge Wine Co. was attacked not for the way it cooked the foie gras but for serving it at all. Animal rights activists have long been in an uproar about the way foie gras is produced, using a method of force-feeding ducks and geese to enlarge the birds’ livers. Foie gras has become a cause celebre in recent years, culminating in bans in some cities and even the state of California. (California enacted a statute to ban foie gras in 2004, but it won’t take effect until 2012, so they weren’t all that concerned about the birds that would be force-fed in those eight years.)

Owners of the Bridge Wine Co. said the protest would have the opposite affect — they would probably start having foie gras promotions. Watch for some reverse-psychology advocates to start throwing rocks protesting the low cost of wines by the glass.

In related news, police were trying to identify the culprits who left a sign reading “Eat mor chikin” outside a local Chick-fil-a.

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