First Watch fall menu means cooler climes ahead

Written By Scott Joseph On September 14, 2021

FWFall donuts

Ah, September. An extra blanket on the bed at night, cool; crisp walks with the dog in the morning as my corduroys make a croosh, croosh, croosh noise; and I’ve started to look for firewood to stack on the hearth.

OK, ok, I know it’s still in the nineties, I’m cranking up the air overnight and I wear shorts on the morning walk (though oddly I still make that croosh, croosh, croosh sound).

But work with me here – it’s time to check out the fall menu options at First Watch.

Southeast 9 23 Bosch

As it does every four months with the promise of a new season, First Watch, the popular Daytime Cafe, is presenting a selection of dishes especially chosen for fall.

FWFall omelet

Even if the weather doesn’t cool down soon, it’s always nice to have a stick-to-the-ribs breakfast, in this case a stick-to-the-short-rib omelet, which I sampled at the Winter Park location. It featured lots of shredded wine-braised beef stuffed into the eggy envelope with fresh spinach and melted mozzarella cheese. It was topped with a parmesan-tinged cream sauce and accompanied by fresh greens dressed with a squeeze of lemon.

FWFall has

The truffle mushroom hash was my favorite. Cubed potatoes and roasted shiitake and crimini mushrooms, well seasoned and topped with two more of those fried eggs, the oozing yolks adding to the blend. Some of that same parmesan cream sauce was present and it was all topped with a stack of fresh arugula.

FWFall pancake

The pumpkin pancake looked like a flattened jack-o-lantern (without the scary face). Pumpkin batter, butter and syrup – what more do you need to know? It came with two perfectly cooked sunny-side up cage-free eggs and a hefty chicken sausage patty.

FWFall bisque

The texture of the butternut squash bisque was spot on, smooth and velvety, with the flavor piqued with some carrot and a pinch of nutmeg.

Pumpkin spiced donuts, the holes, to be precise (shown at top), were poppable bites of sweetness, served with salted caramel apple butter and crème anglaise for dipping.

And of course there was Million Dollar Bacon, the pork strips for all seasons, so named because the maple syrup and brown sugar make them so rich, though I really like the hint of cayenne that counterpoints the sweetness.

All of this comes with the affable First Watch servers. Warm smiles when there’s a chill in the air. Or even when there isn’t.

First Watch is open for breakfast and lunch daily. Find your nearest location at

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