Downtown Disney Food Trucks

Written By Scott Joseph On November 20, 2013

Disney food truck

If you needed any proof that the food truck trend has legs — or really big tires, if you will — you need look no further than Downtown Disney, where the WDW culinears have dispatched a new fleet. And not just Disney — Wolfgang Puck Cafe has its own vehicle, parked, oddly, just outside its front door.

I experienced a couple of the new trucks while strolling around the Festival of the Masters (which, on a separate note, was really disappointing from an artistic standpoint this year). The Puckmobile was the first one I came across, though it is billed as Truckeria Rolling Tacos. Compared to the other trucks, which are kind of spiffy and new looking, Truckeria had a plain and slightly worn look, painted in basic black. Yet there was something manufactured about the look, as though slapdash was what they were going for. Maybe it was the vinyl banner with the truck’s name on the side that had a light fixture and an electrical outlet installed over it — that sort of counters the notion that the truck just drove up and a banner was unfurled.

Disney puck truck

Tacos, apparently, is the only item available, though you can get them in pork, chicken or fish flavors, three for $8. I ordered one of each, and each was modest and a bit light on fillings inside the soft flour tortillas.

Disney food trcuk tacos

Might as well mention here that the experience inside Wolfgang Puck Cafe, at the sushi bar, was pretty unspectacular, too. It’s a tradition of mine to stop in during the Festival of Masters and have some sushi and a glass of wine. The rainbow roll was only so-so, but the service was exceptionally poor. Time for a new tradition, perhaps.

I also stopped by the Superstar Catering truck, which was set up over near the folk art booths by House of Blues. This is one of the spiffy ones I mentioned, with a teal paint job, polished aluminum highlights and electronic signage.

Disney food truck lamb

Better food, too. I had the lamb kefta sandwich, ground lamb with myriad Moroccan spices served on lavosh with lettuce, onions and tzatziki sauce. Twelve bucks is a bit much for a sandwich from a truck, I think, but it was a good sandwich. (Even better was the cold beer that the truck was also vending, a nice touch on a hot afternoon.)

I couldn’t tell how much cooking was actually going on inside the truck and how much was just a matter of assembling. Being on Disney property, these trucks have the advantage of an always close commissary for supplies and backup. 

But no one seemed to mind, and just as with the food truck culture that’s been embraced all over Central Florida, people who appreciate good food also seem to enjoy eating it without committing to a full sit-down experience.

I had mentioned before that the Disney trucks would probably do as much driving as the Empress Lily goes sailing. I think these trucks are actually roadworthy, but I don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

The Downtown Disney food trucks serve Wednesday through Sunday.

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