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D-Luxe Burger

Written By Scott Joseph On July 19, 2016

D Luxe fries

Popped out to Disney Springs the other day to participate in a media presentation of some of the newer offerings. I’ll be telling you about all of them in the coming days, but today we focus on D-Luxe Burger.

DLB is a quick-serve operation. You place your order at the counter, take a pager, and then grab your food at the pickup counter when the pager goes off. Actually, that’s a little less quicker serve than other operations that have a staff member deliver your food to your table. (And for the record, someone came by and collected all of our pagers from our table in the back part of the restaurant and delivered our food to us.)

D Luxe burger

The burgers here are impressively big, about seven ounces, though honestly they looked bigger. I was annoyed before ordering when I was told by the venue’s chef, Bill Brown, that the burgers could not be cooked at a temperature below medium. Even more annoying was the reason. Instead of saying that the company was concerned about the possibility of bacteria in ground beef not being killed if undercooked — which I would have taken as a more honest answer — Brown said that they just feel the burgers are at their juiciest when cooked to medium, which I consider hooey.

At least he didn’t go with the line that too many other restaurants have given me over the years, that it’s a state law that burgers must be cooked to medium. That actually is true, with one additional provision that usually gets left off: Unless the customer requests otherwise.

But all that said, my Classic Cheeseburger was fairly pink inside (I didn’t report the cook) and it was indeed juicy. It was also one of the most difficult burgers to eat given that the thick patty shared between-bun space with a thick slice of tomato, crispy lettuce and pickles. And that bun was pretty hefty, too, though it had some fresh qualities. It’s served, as are the fries, in a cardboard cup that helps keep everything together until you start to eat it.

A very difficult burger to eat by hand, but a task worth tackling.

We also samples some of the fries, which are thick and “meaty” but lack any recommendable flavor qualities. Any taste they might have is acquired with one of the six dipping sauces available. (You needn’t choose which one you want, they’ll gladly give you all six if you ask.)

As with everything else at the Springs, the D-Luxe Burger venue has a cockamamie legend attached to it to make the just-opened entertainment, dining and shopping venue seem as though it has been around since before Walt came to town. Sorry, I can’t tell you what the legend is supposed to be here — I tuned it out while Brown was giving the history.

D-Luxe Burger will offer a good option to people hungry for a burger during their Springs visit. As for fries, I think I’ll have to give the Daily Poutine a try.

Oh, by the way, adult beverages are available here, including a tasty milkshake shaken with smoked bourbon. Have.

D-Luxe Burger is at Disney Springs. It is open for lunch and dinner daily.

D Luxe counter

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