College Park adds lunch spots

Written By Scott Joseph On July 22, 2019

Ragazzi interior

College Parkers seem to be rediscovering lunch.

In recent weeks, we’ve learned of a couple of previously dinner only places that have started offering nooners, including K Restaurant and the Local Bar & Grill. K, of course, has gone through many changes in the past few years since Kevin Fonzo, the chef who leant his initial to the restaurant’s name, sold the business. Last year his replacement chef was fired. The restaurant’s website now lists new owner Chad Phelps as the executive chef and Barry Czekaj as the sous chef. Apparently things have settled down enough to start offering lunch hours again, albeit Tuesdays through Fridays. (The restaurant is open on Mondays but for dinner only.

The Local started out as more bar than grill but over the years had added some food elements. Perhaps it was inspired to start serving lunches by the success of our friends next door at Ragazzi’s Pizza & Restaurant.

Ragazzi’s (shown at top) has been known for its pizzas for some time, but it also offers an array of subs, calzones and pasta dishes, quite a few as a matter of fact. I can personally vouch for the Eggplant Parmigiana; it’s delicious.

Tap Room at Dubsdread is also a big lunchtime destination, and has even won our Foodster Award for Best Power Lunch.

And as I told you just last week, Shakers American Cafe still packs them in for breakfast and lunch, or even breakfast for lunch.

I’m not sure what’s driving the newest spots to open for lunch. The midday meal is traditionally not as lucrative as dinner service, when people are more likely to order alcohol with their meals.

Are we going to start seeing the return of the three-martini lunch?

What’s your favorite College Park lunch spot?

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