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Written By Scott Joseph On February 18, 2020

Chi Kin bowl

Menus don’t get much more succinct – succincter? – than the one at Chi-Kin, a new quick-server in the Mills 50 district.

It’s basically chicken, as you probably phonetically guessed, and Korean fried chicken to be more precise. (Preciser?)

Korean fried chicken, KFC, if you will, is known for being extra crispy and usually extra spicy. It’s been a popular breakout item on many Korean menus for the past several years and has even made its way on to otherwise American menus. For all its Southern contemporaneousness, Soco in Thornton Park has had KFC on its menu since its first day.

Southeast LG 2 24

Chi-Kin offers its chicken as wings, nuggets or tenders. You may also have something called a Chi-Kin Dawg, which will get you a sandwich of sorts, or you may opt, as I did, for a Bibim-Bowl.

Chi Kin cu

That got me the tenders served atop rice (you may choose greens or fries instead of rice, but why would you?) with assorted pickles and a serving of kimchi, all of which I ended up enjoying more than the actual chicken.

It’s not that there was anything wrong with the chicken, but it wasn’t as distinctive as it could have been. The tenders were doused in gochujang sauce, which zeroed out any crispiness the chicken may have had. But the sauce was quite mild.

The two tenders were a nice size, too big, actually, to eat without cutting, which wasn’t possible with the flimsy plastic fork provided. And the sauce made picking them up a messy affair, though it should be noted that there is a large wash-up sink at the back of the dining area. I don’t mind getting a little messy with my food, but this was beyond me.

Good flavors and seasonings in the pickles and kimchi, so I suggest you go extra on those items. (For the record, there is a beef bulgogi item on the menu.)

Chi Kin counter

I liked the warm and genuine greeting I received when I entered Chi-Kin. The young woman at the counter had an easy smile and was anxious to answer any questions.

Chi Kin interior

Corrugated steel is the main decorating element of the space, which was previously home to Noodles & Rice Cafe. It’s as minimalist as the menu.

Chi-Kin is at 813 N. Mills. Ave., Orlando. It is open for lunch and dinner daily. The website was not yet functional at the time of publication (see menu board below). The phone number is 407-730-8658.

Chi Kin menu

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