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Chef’s Table Owners Taking Over Winter Garden’s Attic Door

Written By Scott Joseph On December 11, 2018

Attic Door

Laurie and Kevin Tarter, owners of the wildly popular Chef’s Table at the Edgewater and companion restaurant the Tasting Room, have acquired a third Winter Garden venue.

The couple will take over the Attic Door, a wine bar and live music venue, from current owner Lori Gibson. In a Facebook post, the Tarters said that Gibson “has decided to move onto the next phase in her life and has chosen us to be the caretakers of her legacy.”

Speaking by phone Tuesday, Laurie Tarter said they had been friends with Gibson for many years because when they opened the Chef’s Table restaurant there wasn’t a lot going on in Winter Garden. “We played really well together,” Tarter said. Today, of course, Winter Garden is a vibrant community of restaurants and nighttime venues.

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The Attic Door, also known as J-R’s Attic Door, serves food, but Tarter said they’d be adding things and tweaking some recipes of favorite items. “It won’t be like Chef’s Table food,” she said, because the kitchen is small. A muffalatta will be added to complement the current craft beer selection, and “we may have a pot of polenta on” to go with the popular meatballs. “They’ll be family recipes,” she said, “some of the things we put out for our friends.”

They will also be adding an afternoon tea experience, something that was offered at the Chef’s Table but discontinued when the Tasting Room was opened. Initially, tea will be served by reservation only Thursday through Sunday.

The couple will keep the live music that the wine bar is known for Wednesdays through Saturdays, and the popular Tuesday Trivia Night will remain. Not much will change in the look of the place, either, except that some carpet will be replaced. The Tarters will take possession of the venue on January 1 and will keep it closed until Jan. 4 with a soft reopening.

Tarter said she wasn’t daunted at the prospect of having a third venue to look over. “This is what we love,” she said. “It’s like having a new child.”

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