Give the gift of artistic meats with a charcuterie class at Tornatore’s

Written By Scott Joseph On December 8, 2021

Charcut board

If you have a foodies on your gift list who are difficult to buy for, consider giving cured meats, cheeses, nuts and fruits, but in a really artistic – and fun – way. Give them a Charcuterie Class by Tornatore’s.

Sure, you can give them a bunch of meats and such, but you know what they say: Give some foodies a charcuterie board and they’ll nosh for a day; teach them how to put one together and…well, they’ll still eat for a day but they’ll know how to assemble a gorgeous array that will dazzle their party guests.

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Charcut rose

I attended one of Tornatore’s classes last month and I had a great time – and it wasn’t just the bottomless mimosas they serve. Denny Tornatore and Maria Mancia serve as your hosts and platter professors. They show you some simple maneuvers to turn, say, a piece of prosciutto into a rosette or slices of salami into a tulip-shaped cup (I really liked that one).

Along the way, the two also educate about the types of meats and salumi and where the cheeses come from and where to buy them. And Tornatore explains how to pair certain items that complement each other.

Charcut desserts

You’ll get to sample all the meats and cheeses, of course, but the kitchen also sends out appetizers, and the pastry chef does his thing with a charcuterie dessert board.

Oh yea, the board. Attendees get their own wooden platter and some samples of meats and cheeses to take home so they can put their new skills to use. You get a lot for the $125 course fee (did I mention unlimited mimosas and wine?).

Now here’s the thing. These charcuterie classes have become so popular that the next three have sold out. But Tornatore’s will be adding more soon. Best way to find out when the next ones will be is to follow Tornatore’s Facebook page.

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