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CFS Coffee

Written By Scott Joseph On July 2, 2020

CFS ext

It was a whim stop. Driving through Winter Park’s Hannibal Square, my companion and I spotted an isolated table outside Café Frustos Selectos, more commonly known as CFS Coffee. It was brunchtime, Sunday, and we were weary of takeout. So we took a chance on dining onsite.

But there being no table service, we did have to go inside to order our food (which we preselected from a paper menu outside the front door.

Southeast LG 2 24

I went inside to place the order – just a few diners inside – with one of the masked staffers behind the counter (I was wearing my mask, too). I paid for the order and quickly went back outside to our table to wait for the food to be delivered.

CFS omelet

My friend ordered the “works” omelet, a three-egger with bacon and ham plus onions, red peppers and cheddar cheese, most of it on top rather than folded into the omelet. It was served with whole wheat toast, dry and no jam, though it’s possible that was on a condiment table inside.

CFS Toast

CFS eggs

I considered the avocado toast but decided to have the hummus toast instead for a change. And as it turned out, the hummus toast is half avocado toast, the two spreads decoratively smeared on the multigrain bread with little rake tracks like you’d make in the sand at the beach. Because I consider toast, whether avocado or hummus, to merely serve as a platform for eggs, I ordered two, fried, which were served on a separate plate. I slid them onto the toast and all was right with the world.

CFS coffee

It turned out to be a pleasant, non anxiety-producing brunch. A nice change.

CFS Coffee has three locations including 430 W. New England Ave., Winter Park. It is open for breakfast, lunch and early dinner (7 p.m. closing) daily. The phone number is 407-637-2335.

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