Introducing Scott Joseph’s Restaurant Server Training Course

Written By Scott Joseph On May 23, 2018

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Anyone who’s been reading my reviews for any length of time knows that I’m a stickler about service. A dinner with wonderful food can be less enjoyable with poor service. And a mediocre meal can become delightful if the serving staff is excellent. I’ve always considered the servers to be the most important people on a restaurant’s staff because they have full control and the ability to turn any situation around.

Or at least they should.

So many times I’ve written phrases like “The serving staff could benefit from some training,” or “My waiter didn’t seem to know the basics of proper service.”

I know that you’ve experienced it, too, as a diner. You’ve had servers “auction” off plates to the table; you’ve found yourself looking around for someone because your order isn’t right; you’ve had waiters and waitresses 20 years younger than you address you and your guests as “guys”; and you’ve rolled your eyes when a server who had been detached throughout your meal suddenly becomes friendly and attentive when presenting the check.


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How to Start a Restaurant

Written By Scott Joseph On February 27, 2012

Score_logoHave you ever thought of opening a restaurant? First of all, let me just ask: WHAT ARE YOU — NUTS?


But if you’re determined that the life of a restaurateur, caterer or food truck maven is for you — or if you’re already in the business and want to learn how to do it better — plan to join me Wednesday, Feb. 29, at the National Entrepreneur Center for “Starting a Restaurant or Other Food Business.” I’ll be talking about the things I look for when reviewing a restaurant, and some of the things I do to help restaurateurs improve the customer experience.


I’ll also be joining a panel of industry professionals who will talk about their experiences in the food service industry. We have Theo Hollerbach, Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe; Holly Luisi, the Bohemian Baker; Missy Jahn, Oblivion Taproom; Jim McCuen, DeVyne DeLytes (which at first I thought was the name of a law firm); and Steve Whipple, former owner of Woody’s Wings and Whatnot. That’s a lot of experience, so I know they’re going to have some pertinent advice to help you take the next step.


The seminar, which is presented by SCORE is from 10 a.m. to noon at the Entrepreneur Center inside Fashion Square Mall, 3201 E. Colonial Drive. (Park in the parking garage near JCPenney; the entrance is off the back of the garage.) Cost is $10, and seating is limited. To register, click this link for the Starting a Restaurant or Other Food Business page, or call 407-420-4843.



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