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Written By Scott Joseph On December 3, 2018

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  • David Moscoso, owner of New Smyrna Beach’s Third Wave Cafe, is inviting Cress Restaurant’s Hari Pulapaka to work together on a sustainable seafood dinner called Chefs for Fish. Cost for the five-course dinner is $95. Tuesday, Dec. 11, at 6:30 p.m. at Third Wave Cafe & Wine Bar. Tickets here. Sorry, I don’t have an information on the first two waves.
  • The owners of the Hammered Lamb bar on Orange Avenue in the Ivanhoe District plan to break through the wall into the retail space next door and open a 24-hour diner called Jack & Honey’s. We’ll assume the retail space is unoccupied and that permission to expand has been granted by the landlord. Several months away.
  • Hey, do you enjoy banging your head against a wall? Are you a fan of feats of futility? Then you may want to nominate a Central Florida restaurant of chef for a 2019 James Beard Foundation Award. Deadline is Dec. 31. Cast your vote to the wind at this link.
  • King Bao, the Mills 50 monarchal bunner, has opened a second location at Alafaya Trail and U.S. Highway 50, an area no one has taken to calling Alf 50 as yet.
  • Last time I told you about the closing of Kokino in Bayhill Plaza. Looks like Kabooki Sushi will open a second location there. Others were interested in the space, but their names didn’t begin with a K.
  • Pita Pit in downtown Orlando has closed. It was one of the first in the area; I reviewed it in November of 2004. I said at the time that it reminded me of the movie The Snake Pit with Olivia de Havilland, probably because it was one of the first in the area to use the assemblage concept. Madness.
  • A chain called Pokéworks is coming to downtown Orlando, opening in the Morgan & Morgan building. Personally, I would have called the restaurant For the Poké.

Southeast 9 23 Bosch
  • I’m making a list and the good people who correct my typos are checking it twice. I’m compiling names and details for restaurants that will be serving on Christmas Eve (special menus only; not regular hours); Christmas Day; and New Year’s Eve (also special menus). If you own or manage a restaurant, send me a note at this link. Be sure to include as many details as you’d like, but definitely: Name of the restaurant, physical address, hours of operation on holiday of note, type of service that day (buffet, prix fixe, special menu), cost, and how to make reservations. My elves are a bit overworked at this time of the year, so basically they’ll do a copy-and-paste job on whatever you send, so keep that in mind. Images are ok, but no PDFs, please.

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