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Brunch at Slate

Written By Scott Joseph On October 9, 2015


Slate interior bar

Now that it’s been several months since Slate first opened on Restaurant Row, I thought I’d stop in to give it another try, so I headed down on a recent Sunday to experience the brunch service.

I enjoyed my meal more this time. Maybe it’s that the place is getting comfortable in its surroundings, which still don’t include a lick of slate (the roof doesn’t count).

Slate chilaquiles

I chose the Chilaquiles egg dish, which featured scramblers with bits of chorizo sausage, chopped peppers, cortija cheese and strips of tortillas on top. There was also a bit of good guacamole on either side, which added a nice saucy note to the dish.

Slate pork spoonbread

My companion had the Pork Spoonbread, which featured the cornbreadlike pudding that is becoming a signature item at Slate. It was perfect with the smoky pulled port and some of the yolk from the nicely fried eggs.

Slate sticky bun

We also shared a Slate Sticky Bun, which is not the same thing as a Sticky Slate Bun. It tasted fresh, was sufficiently sweet (though not very sticky, which is fine) and featured some nice sugary pecans on top.

For some reason the staff still hasn’t figured out how to know which guest ordered what dish without standing there with the plates and auctioning them off. Or, which is more likely, they don’t care. It’s a blatant sign that training and proper service techniques aren’t a priority.

Our server was pleasant enough. It was a bit odd at the end of the meal when she told us that because we were critics our meal was on the house. No, I told her, it wasn’t.

We paid full price.

Slateis at 8323 W. Sand Lake Road, Orlando, next to Trader Joe’s (here’s a tip: there are actually parking spaces during the early hours of brunch). Brunch is served Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The phone number is 407-500-7528.

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