British Government to Pick up Half the Tab When Dining Out in August

Written By Scott Joseph On July 15, 2020

Dean Street int

The British government plans to pick up half the cost of the meal for anyone who dines out at a restaurant in that country. Well, up to £10 ($12.59) of the cost, not including alcohol. It’s an effort to boost the hospitality sector, which, as in the U.S., has been particularly negatively affected by the pandemic.

The incentive, called Eat Out to Help Out, was announced Wednesday by Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Despite the 10 quid limit, the discount may be used unlimited times throughout August and at any restaurant, even posh one, like the Dean Street Townhouse in London’s SoHo district, where I took the photo at top last year. But it’s limited to on-premise dining and only Monday through Wednesday. The restaurants will make the deduction on the customers’ checks and will be reimbursed by the government.

Still, it’s a nice effort from the government.

Star InnFenceStar Inn via Facebook

And in other news from Britain, a pub owner in St. Just in Cornwall county at the southern tip of the island has found a way to keep patrons socially distanced when getting their orders.

Jonny McFadden, owner of the Star Inn, has strung wiring around the bar with a sign that says, “Warning, electric fence.”

McFadden has told reporters that the fence “is not usually turned on,” but the thought that it could be seems to be keeping people back from the bar.

I encourage the U.S. government and Central Florida bar owners to steal either of these ideas.

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