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Written By Scott Joseph On July 12, 2011

BojanglesCuriosity finally got the best of me and I stopped in at one of those Bojangles’ fast fooders that have opened up in the last couple of years. I certainly didn’t expect a lot, and I wasn’t disappointed.

It was mid afternoon when I walked into the Bojangles’ on the east side of Orlando, and even though they tout breakfast served all day, I wasn’t in an eggy kind of mood. And besides, Bo-j’s motto is “famous chicken ‘n biscuits,” but you probably already knew that, them being all famous and everything.

I stepped up to the counter (there was no line when I visited) and the fellow behind it asked if I knew what I wanted. I said that I did not and asked for a recommendation. He said they were famous for the Cajun filet biscuit, which, on the menu, did not say anything about it being a chicken filet, though in retrospect I was probably supposed to know that already, them being all famous and everything.

I ordered the Cajun filet biscuit with a side of dirty rice, a food item whose name always makes me cringe but which can be very tasty when it’s done right.

This version was not done right. In fact, it was dry and flavorless. The chicken filet was OK, though there was nothing remotely Cajunesque about the spicing. The biscuit was pretty good for a fast food restaurant.

The dining area of the East Colonial Drive B’jangles’ was your typical fast food joint kind of space with seating designed to make your butt hurt if you stay too long. If you have enough padding built in, the restaurant offers free wi-fi, always a nice touch.

I won’t be going to Bojangles’ a lot — I don’t think it will ever call my name, nor will its name make my mouth water. But if you’ve been wanting to give it a try because you’ve heard about it — you know, them being all famous and everything — you won’t be disappointed, especially if you’re not expecting much.

Click this link to find the Bojangles’ in the area. The site flashes a notice that one is coming in Sanford — March 8th! — so I can’t vouch for the up-to-datedness.


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