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Blue Bird Bake Shop

Written By Scott Joseph On August 15, 2011

I was driving down Corrine Drive a couple of weeks ago and spotted Blue Bird Bake Shop. I’d heard a lot of buzz — or tweet, as the case may be — about this place, so I pulled on in to the parking lot and went in.

It happened that the tiny shop was celebrating its anniversary and all the cupcakes were on sale for $2 each, which prompted me to ask, “What the hell do these little things cost regularly?”

$2.75, I’m told. Or $30 for a dozen. And people pay it. So the Magnolia Bakery/”Sex and the City” mystique continues. I just don’t get it, although having just called it a mystique I suppose that’s redundant.

Magnolia Bakery is the place that started in New York’s Greenwich Village serving, almost exclusively, cupcakes. It was featured in an episode of the former HBO series and ever since has featured long lines with people waiting up to an hour for the honor to purchase one of the little cakes. I queued up myself several years ago just to see what all the fuss was about.

As it turns out, it was just a cupcake. There wasn’t a thing that was special about it except that people were willing to stand in line for it. All I can figure is that after committing that time and money to it, the buyers convinced themselves the cupcakes were more wonderful than they were. I don’t know if that Magnolia Bakery still has long lines, but if it doesn’t it’s probably only because they’ve opened several other locations throughout Manhattan.

There was no long line when I visited Blue Bird, but I left with the same feeling I had after visiting Magnolia Bakery — it was just a cupcake, nothing more nothing less (unless you count the diminutive size as something less). Maybe it’s me. Maybe I just don’t “get” cupcakes. But for the record, I should mention that I sampled one of Blue Bird’s brownies, as well, and didn’t find anything life altering about it, either.

The Blue Bird Bake Shop is a cute space, and all the people were gracious. I guess I’ll just leave this one for the cupcake cravers of the world.

Blue Bird Bake Shop is at 3122 Corrine Drive, Orlando. They are open Tuesday through Sunday (the hours are buried in the Frequently Asked Questions page of the Blue Bird Bake Shop website, which cause me to wonder if a question is asked so frequently why isn’t the answer more readily available?). The phone number is 407-228-3822.


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