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Blackfin Adds Lunch Hours

Written By Scott Joseph On July 16, 2014

blackfin sliderI told you about the return of Blackfin recently. (Here’s a link to the review if you missed it.) This week the Maitland restaurant added lunch hours to its schedule. And beginning Sunday, brunch will also be available.

I stopped in for a quick lunch today. The menu has a few items from dinner, including the very good soups — seafood gumbo with scallops and shrimp, and lobster bisque with a bit of sherry and creme fraiche — and the flatbreads (my favorite is the one with chicken, bacon and gouda; It’s called the Chicken, Bacon, Gouda Flatbread).

Unique for the noontime meal is an array of sliders and sandwiches. I couldn’t decide which to blackfin sandwichtry, so I tried them all. I thought the Blackfin BLT would be the least of them, but I think I preferred that. The applewood smoked bacon, of course, would be good all by itself, but it was even better on a soft, chewy bun with crunchy-fresh lettuce to give it some crispness. The angus steak burger sliders had an ample amount of meat, so that’s a good choice if you’re really hungry.

But the grilled fresh catch sandwich, a pompano, was pretty substantial, too. It was a lovely fillet on a kaiser roll with a chipotle aioli that added a nice spicy note.

One thing I really liked about all of the dishes was that they were accompanied by hash browns. What a nice change from fries. (Not that fries were an option because Blackfin’s kitchen doesn’t have a fryer.)

It’s nice to have Blackfin back, and it’s nice to have another lunch option in the Maitland area.

Blackfin is at 640 S. Orlando Ave., Maitland. It is open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday. Brunch, which is being called Sunday Finday — begins this weekend. Dinner is Tuesday through Sunday. I’ll have some more fun news about Blackfin soon.

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