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Best Power Lunch — 2017 Winner Announced

Written By Scott Joseph On March 9, 2017

Tap Room power lunch

Tap Room at Dubsdread won the 2017 Foodster Award for Independent Restaurant’s Best Power Lunch category. Second place went to Nona Tap Room and third to TR Fire Grill. I can on guess that the TR stands for Tap Room.





For years, Citrus restaurant was the go-to power lunch restaurant. On any given weekday, you’d find the movers and shakers of the business community scattered throughout the restaurant, talking meetings and making deals. Mayor Buddy Dyer was such a frequent luncher that the restaurant even names a salad after him.

Now that Citrus is gone, it’s time to find the new Power Lunch spot. 

The restaurants listed here are ready contenders. 

To vote for your favorite, check the box next to the name and then click the VOTE button at the bottom of the list of nominees. You may vote for only one nominee and you may vote only once. After you have voted, the VOTE button will no longer appear on the page.

You may write in the name of a restaurant that you’d like to nominate. But remember: The Foodster Awards are exclusively for independent businesses, defined as having three or fewer locations — no chains. Any write-in nominees that don’t meet that definition will be removed from the list. Also, do not write in the name of a restaurant or lounge that is already named in the list — by doing so you may actually reduce the number of votes that restaurant might receive because only the votes on the first listing will be counted.

To learn about some of the candidates and to get a coupon, click on a Campaign Button on the right side of the page.

After voting, leave a comment below telling us who you voted for and why. We may use your comment if your favorite is the winner.

Voting ends at midnight April 19, 2017.

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