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Baoery Settling In To Thornton Neighborhood

Written By Scott Joseph On June 22, 2016

Baoery Buddha

Went back to Baoery recently. Baoery, of course, is the Asian Gastropub from Thornton Park Restaurant Group and led by executive chef and partner Greg Richie.

When we last visited, in November, shortly after it opened in the remodeled Cityfish space, there was an unfinished, half-baked look to the place. It’s fully baked now, and the space looks terrific. It’s a comfortable spot, very casual, and it’s a great place for people watching, especially on the patio, even more so when there’s an event that brings out hordes of people, young and old (but mostly young) to stroll the streets.

The food was never half baked — or wokked or broiled or whatever. But even that seemed better this time.

Baoery pork ramen

I had the Miso Ramen, which featured roast pork shoulder in broth with noodles along with corn, seaweed, lots of freshly chopped scallions and a whole soft boiled egg that oozed out its golden yolk when pierced. A delicious feast in one bowl.

Baoery Wings

My companion and I also nibbled on the Asian Style Crispy Chicken Wings, which were tossed in a sesame and ginger sauce and dappled with sesame seeds. Spicy (and messy).

Baoery bao

My bao of choice was the Buffalo, which did not contain bison but was rather fried chicken with a Buffalo wings-style sauce and blue cheese topping. All the goodness of Buffalo wings without the bones.

Baoery ribs

And because I don’t know when to stop I also had the Slow Braised Pork Ribs, plenty of meat (this time with bones) with an Asian-tinged barbecue sauce. Another messy one but very good.

It’s all good comfort food, Asian style, and it’s nice to have a comfortable place to go in the neighborhood.

Baoery is at 617 E. Central Blvd., Orlando. It is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday. The phone number is 407-849-9779.

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